<A HREF="http://www.budget101.com/">Click here: Budget101.com Hundreds of gift
ideas, Mix recipes and more!</A>

Becky here is a site I found one day. They have all kinds of information.
On the left hand side, scroll down to tips and tricks and then to household,
and they have all kinds of ideas for making all kinds of cleaners etc. Most of
them are cheaper and environmentally friendly too.

Have you ever joined a group on yahoo? The site above has an email list too.
You might want to do a digest so you don't get overwhelmed with messages.
But, there are some good ideas and hints on it too, but some you just want to
delete. Go, to yahoogroups.com and it will tell you how to sign up. There are
many special interest groups on yahoo. Lots of cooking and recipe ideas are
on the budget one.

Again, congratulations.

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