>>I know that I'm one of the ones who doesn't snip simply because I don't
>>know how. [snip] So, I'll apoligize now and ask how to snip.
>>Please send the info on how to snip and I promise to do
>>my best to comply.

The actual mechanics of snipping a post is quite simple.

When you hit reply if your mail client, and it is set up to include the
original message here is how to change it (In Outlook - should be the same
for Outlook Express).

From the main screen of your In Box View. Go to:

E-mail -> Options
On Replies & Forwards
When replying to a message
Do Not Include Original Message

This will set it so you do not automatically start a new message (a reply)
with all of the message you are replying to. It will simply start as a
clean e-mail. From here you can write your reply and send. If you feel you
need to reference a line or question or comment from the original post you
are replying to then highlight & copy just that pertinent
sentence/question/comment from the original post. Then, in your nice clean
new reply, paste the sentence/question/comment you just copied and add your
$0.02. Now hit send. Voila! You have just snipped an original post.

Should you feel that it is too confusing to set your mail preference (it can
be daunting or confusing) and you are set to include the original message
upon reply, simply highlight and delete everything from the original post
that does not apply to your reply. That would be headers, footers, ads, sig
lines, etc. and any part of the original message that is not related to your

I know many online e-mail clients (Yahoo, HotMail, etc.) have to option set
to automatically include the original message. Here is a case where it is
just simpler to highlight and delete the original message. In ANY case the
snipping is simply the removing of all parts of the original post that have
nothing to do with what you are answering or addressing.

If you will notice at the beginning of my message I took out the questions
regarding snipping and included them. I added the notation [snip] in a few
places simply as marker to note where in a paragraph I snipped a sentence or
two. I usually do this as I am plucking sentences or questions from one
paragraph. I also noted [snip] between paragraphs to simply note there was
verbiage between the last "quoted" sentence/question and the next noted.
Other forms of snipping are where a person replying to a lengthy post with
lots of points or questions will insert their answers or replies inside the
original message. The different authors are differentiated usually by
breaks in the paragraph with a reply after a sentence or thought. Most
often the original post is noted by the customary notation in the left hand
margin of the symbol ">" or ">>" . If you notice your original post I
pasted in, I noted with the ">>" notation. I add these in by hand myself

because if they are automatically inserted they never fall right as you snip
away at the original post. The line breaks change and thus the left margin

This is probably waaay more than you were wanting to know but this is the
HOW to actually snip a post. I know I get individual e-mail from all my
lists and I only get up to 300-400 individual messages a day. Many times I
miss a comment because the person replying to a message included the
original 4 paragraph message and added their 2 sentence comment or "Me too."
and it got lost on all the extra. If I have to scroll too far down looking
for a persons comment in their post I usually skip it because it is, quite
frankly, taking too much time to get to the point.

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