Noella! GREAT JOB! LOL!!!

The 5 materinity outfits for $10.00 is a steal, congratulations on that little
gem. When my sister was preggers she ended up stealing my blouses because she
couldn't find clothes (she wears a size 3 jean) in her size at sales and new was
just too expensive.

And the ceiling fan! Our house has ceiling heat and my office is the only room
with no ceiling fan in it to distribute the air. We also have an air
conditioner in the kitchen and I find the rooms with the fan in it stay cooler
than my office, even though my husbands office also has a computer in it. The
model I am looking at (local wal-mart) is 45 dollars and it is the stripped down
basic model... So, you saved at least $30.00 there!

Emily Y.

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5 maternity outfits for $10
New infant Carseat $10
Ceiling fan(BEAUTIFUL) $15

Pretty good start... I think.

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