Pie ChartsOk. So I made a mistake... I introduced my DH to the local "Dollar
Tree", our local dollar store. It is HUGE. And they carry snacks, and
chocolate as well as the usual $1.00 merchandise. He bought roasted sunflower
seeds, steak sauce, Reese's Peanut Butter cups, Whoppers, and who knows what
else last night. I made sure that they were indeed great savings before I let
him bring them home of course. Can't just let these men run in and grab if it
doesn't save the moola can we?

I have enough "munchies" in my house to feed the entire 4th calvary of the
army... And no, guys if there are any of the members of the 4th on here, as much
as I appreciate what you do, that isn't an invitation to descend on my house for
BBQ and munchies (unless you are willing to do yard work and some dusting in
return, then give me 3 days to buy the steaks and come on down!).

He wants to go back next Tuesday!!! He wants to go and "stock" up on the
chocolate! LOL!

I actually just went in to finish topping off a b-day box for my niece with
$1.00 toys.... In return I created a monster!!!

What "frugal mistakes" have you made with your spouse???? And can he be
unenlightened as to the greatness of the dollar store?

Emily Y.

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