Beleive me! I KNOW how much email comes to this list people. I am on 34 email
lists at Yahoo groups alone and I am on INDIVIDUAL email for ALL of them. I
get in excess of 600 emails per day. Of the 34 lists I am on, 5 of them are
MINE. Moderators work hard. Not everyone has time to read ALL the emails
every day, I am a SAHW so I spend a lot of time on the computer.

I, as a matter of fact, am computer addicted. I am here from the time I get up
until the time I go to bed with the exception of a few hours in the evening to
spend with my husband or time to run to the mall with him or friends. I get
up, I put laundry in, I check my email, I do a load of dishes in the
dishwasher, I check my email, I switch the laundry, I surf, I vacuum, I check
my email, I dust, I check my email and so on. I don't have children. I am an
information gathering machine. My husband is the same way. Don't get me
wrong, we spend plenty of time together, and he does hold down a job (he works
where else? For Symantec, ever hear of Norton AntiVirus, Norton Utilities?,
yup. That's the place. Best place in the world for a comptuer addict to work.)
but it is our life style. We don't have children, so we have it easy to
maintain our way of life.. Our routines as it is.

Now that you know WAY more about me than you need to know.. LOL! Let me get
to the point... digests are handy for those that need to receive email that
way. They are needed! Not everyone has the time to wade through all the
information of a list every day, and a digest does it good for them. But, for
the rest of us individual is the way to go.

It isn't the email FORM that is the problem, it's the people who don't cut down
to JUST what they are responding to. Either in digest form or individual form,
it's a pain in the rumpus to get nothing but an email full of nothing but
quotes of other people only to have the person respond to one point in the
email. It's also a waste of time and bandwidth. Neither of which is FRUGAL,
which is what THIS list is all about.

So there, you all have my 2 cents worth (or the whole dollar in this case)!

Emily Y.

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Sent: Friday, June 20, 2003 8:56 AM

Nancy said <<May I suggest for the people that do find the digests messy, to
get your mail in individual posts instead of digest form.>>

Michelle said
Nancy, if anyone else on this list receives the quantities of mail that I
do--and I know Liss also has this problem--the thought is simply not a doable
one. I've reached the point now where I'm deleting mail before it hits my
inbox. Were I receiving the list in individual post format, believe me, I would
switch to no mail and post even less.

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