the thing is you need to fix the problem, not just keep her from licking. Dogs
don't just lick themselves raw for no reason... It's the same as when we itch
our arm or leg, usually we don't just do it because we are bored.

I would take her to a vet. It could be allergies, it could be something in her
environment, she could have gotten into a chemical and gotten it on her by
sitting in it... There are 50 million things this could be not in the least it
could be organ problems.

Start with this. Call your vet! They usually can give you some advise over the
phone of any known problems in the area (high pollen, sprayed chemicals, etc.)
and they can advise to if you need to take her in. If you and your vet decide
it could be allergies, try the following.

Give her 1 benadryl tablet (regular adult strenth if it is a large breed dog,
childrens strength if she is a small breed dog) once every 6 - 8 hours, if it is
allergies it should help. Bath her (NO hydrogen peroxide, it is a poison and
can make her sicker as well as dry out her skin making her itch more) using baby
shampoo (regular johnsons & johnsons, not the detangle one), rinse her very
thoroughly and dry her with a towel that doesn't have fabric softener on it. Do
this EVERYDAY for the next week.

Be sure that your house is cleaned too, vacuum every day (in case of fleas) and
that there is no chemicals on the rug. Monitor her food. Does she eat then go
to the bathroom then want to lick and chew her back end? If so it could be a
food allergy. If it is only her back end she is licking like this I would lean
that way instead of fleas, if it was fleas it is usually just above the tail
they will chew and make raw, not around their privates.

IF it is bad enough then you can take her to the vet. Allergies are a hard
cycle to break if that is what it is, because as the skin heals it itches, so
they continue to chew. Aloe Vera is perfectly healthy for them to have on their
skin and if they lick it it won't hurt them. Make sure it is 100% aloe vera
though, with no preservatives as some preservatives are toxic to pets.

Some things to not use on your pet in this predicument, remember just because we
eat it or use it doesn't mean they can....

hydrogen peroxide- it causes vomiting in as small a dose as 1/4 cup. Used over
a period of time it can build up in the body and cause kidney failure.

Lidocane - We use it to releive itching, but it is toxic to dogs and can cause
organ failure (IIRC it is the liver)

These are the ones I have learned about from my vet(s).

I am NOT a vet. I do not claim to be a vet. But I have been raising dogs since
I was 13 years old and have owned a dog since the day I was born. (there was a
dog waiting for me at home when I came home from the hospital! Litterally! LOL)
I am on first name basis with my vet and all the vet techs, I have my vets home
number! And no, I don't live in a small town either. LOL!

Emily Y.

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I would think that the licking is your main problem. You might think about
purchasing a cone from your local pets mart or like store that will fit around
her head to keep her from licking until she starts to heal. I know that it
sounds a bit cruel but that was what my vet recommended when we had a similar
problem. I would also call a vet to ask for advice. A lot of the times they
will give you free advice over the phone on what type of over the counter topic
solution to use.
Hope all goes well,
Teresa in Texas

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