Actully, DO NOT USE Hydrogen Peroxide on your dog. It is poisonous to them and
it will induce vomiting in an amount of 1/4 cup and over time from their licking
it can induce kidney failure. Aloe Vera is completely safe for dogs.

If she is licking herself excessivly in her private area she may be allergic to
her food. Try giving some human benadryl (ONE tablet) every 6 to 8 hours for
the next few days and see if that helps.

ANOTHER tip I need to pass on. New info I just got from my Vet today and should
be showing up on the web soon (he just returned from a conference where they put
out this info.) Do not feed your dogs grapes, over the last year many dogs have
experienced kidney failure and death after eating them. No explaination as to
why and no commonality in the cases as yet has been found.

Emily Y.

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My sons dog (8 mo.) has licked herself raw near her private area nd
has some red bumps on her inner back legs. He gave her flea baths
and the garlic mixed pills for fleas, but nothing has helped. I
have been washing her with peroxide and that has helped. Is alo
vera safe for dogs? I need something to use that won't hurt her
when licks. Thanks.

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