"....I'm so upset and angry as I still think of being perceived as heavy
handed, badgering, segregative (singling out others) and apparently nothing
more than a distraction, I have to tell you I nearly called Liss this morning
and asked her if I should just leave--not just the moderation, but the list as
well. That's not fair to me either, ....."

Michelle, you and Liss, and the other moderators are doing an awesome job. I
didn't feel your post was at all a problem, and actually long overdue. I am
sure all of us, at one time or another, accidentally let through way way too
much from a prior post/digest in one of our replies. Being reminded of this
helps all of us keep it in mind. I would rather see your brief note than to
have someone's message deleted that was of interest to me.

One of the things I like about the brief post at the top of an email, is that
it reminds that specific person (because we all look for our own comments to be
posted to the list lol), to take special care next time. Sometimes, general
posts to the group re: list etiquette may be ignored because everyone
thinks "they aren't talking about me" because we don't always remember having
done it ourselves.

As far as digest vs individual emails, I get digest form because I can skim the
subject list at the top in seconds. If they are of interest great I jump to
the ones I want to read. Subjects in the emails are so important for me. I
too get hundreds of emails a day, and without the option of digest for the
lists I belong to, I simply would not belong.

Having to snip tons of emails so they can go to the list is very time
consuming, and I for one greatly appreciate the effort the moderators put
forth. Nothing is more frustrating to me than to have to scroll through tons
of old junk/yahoo ads/etc to try to find the message I want to read.

One digest I received had 3 full prior digests in it. Never got to the message
I wanted, I was so frustrated I just deleted the entire thing and left the
list. It wasn't a one time occurrence either, it happened regularly with full
digests being posted with replies.

Keep up the good work



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