I also can see the @ symbol, but I believe that is because I am either on
individual email or because I use outlook express.. I am not really sure.....
but I also understand what Michelle is talking about. The problem is that
not ALL of the members of Budget101 can see the @ symbol when it is used in an
email addy. If you will go read this same message at the board you will see
what she is talking about by the @ sign where you used your example, you will
be able to see how others see yahoo deleting the rest of the email after the

Hope that explains some
Teresa in Texas

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From: Nancy Ann

PS. I don't understand this AT instead of the @ sign problem. I've
never had a problem with that happening in any of the other yahoo lists
I belong to. If I write my address as It doesn't
show up? Maybe I don't have a problem because I get individual posts?

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