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The Birth of B/W Man Lite
Xris P

Genre: Entertainment
Release Date: January 12, 2011

# Note #
This is a LITE version of The Birth of B/W Man.

"Red, Blue, Green! Catch the lost three primary colors!"
Our hero has lost his colors because of the polluted sun and has become a B/W(black & white) man. Can he find his true colors and return back to a color man?

It is up to you! and your fast reflexes!

Based on a multimedia fantasy novel, "The Birth of B/W Man" by Xris.

1. Look at the colored suns in the upper part of the game screen.
2. Touch the corresponding colored characters in order.

- If you touch a wrong character, the color of our hero will fade gradually and become a .
- Hero has 5 lives.
- Has endless levels, so aim for the highest score.
- The colored suns sometimes cover themselves with question marks, so be sure to memorize them.

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© Xris Sohn

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