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Snowy: The Bear's Adventure Lite
Alawar Entertainment, Inc

Genre: Games
Release Date: May 27, 2011
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Snowy: The Bear&#39;s Adventures is all about awesome action and the coolest cartoon-style animation you&#39;ve ever seen. The game stars an adorable polar bear who&#39;s trying to reach his home in the Frozen North. Standing in his way are hundreds of crazed monsters! To help Snowy to safety, you must run, jump and kick your way through 88 levels filled with goodies to grab.

Our hero&#39;s only defense is the snowballs he tosses that freeze his enemies in their tracks. This allows him to give them the boot! You&#39;ll enjoy trying to take out more than one monster at a time and using the bonuses that pop up when an enemy bites the dust. One allows Snowy to toss snowballs faster. Another plops him inside a miniature helicopter and lets him take out monsters without getting hurt. We challenge you to download this classic game today and get busy trying to top all the other Snowy fans with the highest score in the land!


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