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    Lori Goltl

    Default Summer Snack Idea

    Summer Snack Idea:
    For an absolutely delicious snack with no preparation
    required, throw a couple fresh oranges in the freezer,
    and after a couple hours, take them out, slice them so
    that they are wedged. Invite your husband for a snack,
    and you will both be amazed. The freezing process
    actually makes the oranges taste like frozen sherbet.
    For an extra added flavor, you can dribble chocolate
    shell topping on them.

    This makes an excellent snack for summer, and can be
    used with children after school by putting a bunch of
    wedges in a bowl and letting them eat them.

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    Default Summer Snack Idea

    In a message dated 6/18/2003 9:05:54 PM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

    > Thank You for this great idea. Another fruit you can freeze and really
    > enjoy
    > is red seedless grapes. They taste much sweeter after they are frozen. I
    > love
    > using these for our TV snack time and now we also can enjoy oranges also.
    > Thank You again.

    Ooooh the kids and I love to freeze grapes. They taste so good. The nice
    thing is I buy them on sale and freeze what we wont immediately eat, then we
    have snacks to eat until the next sale. Note: once frozen, do not let them
    completely unfreeze before eating. They will no longer be solid, once unfrozen
    they become runny globs. My kids act like they have kuties and say eeww! Kid
    language for we wont eat that!

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