List Price: $299.99 Deal Price: $149.99 You Save: $150.00 (50%)Designed for iPhone users, teleworkers and professionals in single story dwellings, the zBoost iPhone Booster amplifies the iPhone signals in the United States. The "zBoost your Business App Guide" and $15 prepaid card are the perfect bundle for the teleworker or student. Now you can use the apps you download all over your house and not just at your window. The zBoost iPhone Booster for extends an indoor cell zone up to 1500 square feet and does not require an outside antenna placement. The package includes everything you need: amplifier base unit, base unit antenna, power supply, coaxial cable (RG 59 Mini), signal antenna, and mounting hardware. Easy set-up: Attach antenna to wall or window where you have signal. Attach the cable and walk perpendicular to the window (90 degrees) about 8 ft. Attach the cable to the unit and plug it in - you have signal!Expires Jul 1, 2011

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