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Propaganda Lite
Veni Vidi Inc

Genre: Games
Release Date: May 15, 2011

Brand-new game!

iPhone 4 RETINA HD and iPad HD fully supported! Runs also on every previous iOS version device (iPhone 3GS, 3G, 2G, iPod).

The story: wicked birds attacked peaceful hard-working piggies. Birds enslaved piggies and made them build ugly monuments to their monstrous birdy chiefs. As freedom fighter you will have to destroy these monuments with high-capacity dynamite and make the piggies hope again.

What you will experience:

- Innovative physical engine with destroyable elements
- Intuitive iPhone-typical touch interface
- HD-graphics and amiable characters
- 300+ levels will bring you around 48 hours of non-stop playtime. 15 levels are available with the free trial version

- Detailed step-by-step tutorial to become a real game-pro and professional freedom fighter
- Tricky levels that cannot be passed only with the power of your dynamite will provide you lots of brain exercise and fun
- More levels with the game updates free
- Player community to share your game experiences

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