Laurie, GREAT suggestions. Here is a big one. Get rid of the incandescent
lights! They put out tons of heat! Replace them with flourescent, they stay
much cooler (you can almost touch them when they are on, and my husband has
touched them when on) PLUS you have the added benefit of them being cheapers to
have on.

I can't stand the heat either. It turns me into a raving lunatic if I am in 80+
degree weather for more than 5 minutes. My husband jokes that we need to move
to Anchorage for the summer or some such... Maybe it was Siberia?

Emily Y.

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Don't use to many lights in the house, it amazes me how much heat comes from
lamps. Of course if you add heavy curtains and drapes, it gets darker in the
house and then you need lights. chuckle.

I hate the heat it drives me grumpy.
Good luck to you.

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