Someone was asking about these. I don't remember who though.

I have seen them cheaper somewhere else, but these are well made and you can
microwave them if you want it to be melted butter instead of just soft.
I am in no way affilitated with Real Goods so if you decide to pick one up
I make no profit other than knowing I was able to help someone out. HUGS!

French Butter Dish
In the centuries-tested French tradition, these artisan-made butter bells
preserve butter at a spreadable temerature without refrigeration or
rancidity. Pack a single stick of softened butter into its cone-shaped lid,
fill the base 2/3 full of pure water and then invert the lid into the base.
A seal keeps oxygen out and freshness in. If you want to, you can melt and
serve the butter right from the lid. The French Butter Keeper is
microwaveable and made from dishwasher-safe stoneware with 100% lead-free
glazes. 4.5"W x 5"D. USA. $44.00

Emily Y.