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    Default fels naptha homemade detergent

    Has anyone done a cost analysis per load for using Fels Naptha Soap to make
    Homemade Detergent? I wonder how it would compare to Arm & Hammer, which is
    currently so cheap to be had, yet works so well.

    -- Helene

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    Michelle Goble

    Default Re: fels naptha homemade detergent

    Hello, I've been making my own detergent too, but with fels naptha.
    How come you don't use the fels (if you don't mind my asking)? How
    much soap slivers do you use? What is your recipe with out the fels
    naptha? I read somewhere on another group that fels naptha was
    highly toxic.

    My inquiring mind wants to know (LOL)


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    > I've been making my own detergant for over a year now. I do about
    7-9 loads
    > of wash a week. I'm still using my supplies of washing soda and
    Borax that I
    > bought over a year ago. I use my bath soap slivers instead of
    fels naptha.
    > I figured out that a gallon of homemade laundry detergant costs me
    about 15-20
    > cents. The results of the laundry are wonderful. It smells so
    > Andrea
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    Cindy Beat

    Default Re: fels naptha homemade detergent

    I agree with the Wind fresh at Sam's. It is in a 5 gallon bucket that you can
    reuse also. I also do not use a full scoop. I cut the scoop down to the right
    size so that I get the right amout all the time and do not waste any extra in a
    load. It lasts me about 6 months for my family of five,but is going quicker
    with the baby turning one and summer in full swing. I use an Oxy-clean look a
    -like from Dollar General every so often if the white clothes are extra dirty.
    Cindy in AL

    We have been buying Wind Fresh in bulk at Sam's Club for just under
    $10.00. It says it will wash 140 loads and comes with a 1 cup scoop.
    We found that half a cup was sufficient and so it only costs us
    about .03 a load. God bless, Rhonda

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