Great information, thank you! Where would I look in my grocery store to see if
they carry it? The workers there are usually more clueless than I am! About
how much a pound does it run, I want to make sure my ignorance does not cause me
to pay more than the "average" price.
Thanks again for the great information!

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(textured vegetable protein)

Ok, what I when cooking for my family is this. I buy the TVP crumbles. I
buy it in 50lb bags but before that, I got it at our local grocery store in
bulk. If you're doesn't have it, you can go to a health food store. If they
have bulk, they should carry it. They probably have pre~packaged but it's
priced higher.

So you take it home and in a pan pour a jar of spaghetti sauce. Warm it just
a bit. Add your TVP. Depending on how "meaty" you like it, you's add from
cup up to a cup. Add double the amount of water to it. More, if you like it

thinner. Add your usual spices and let it simmer for about 10 minutes. Done.

Most people think it's hamburger. When I made it for my group, everyone
thought my spaghetti sauce was not only hamburger but they thought it was
made all day. It's one of my top sellers.

Hope this helps a little bit and you get the idea. TVP will take on the
taste of whatever you cook it with.