List Price: $519.60 Deal Price: $359.78 You Save: $159.82 (31%)BAND-IT Bantam tool is used to install BAND-IT Band, BAND-IT Band with COLOR-IT, BAND-FAST, Galvanized Carbon Steel Band, VALU-STRAP, VALU-STRAP PLUS, Valuband, 304 Stainless Steel Band, BAND-IT Ties, 316 Uncoated & Coated Stainless Steel Band, 317L Stainless Steel Band and other specialty steels. Compact, lightweight, ratchet action tool with built in cutter. Designed for easy loading and removing of material. Useful in tight areas with minimal access. Zinc plated for corrosion resistance. 3 way handle adjusts for one or two-handed tensioning. Offers Low torque, and one handed installation.Expires Jul 6, 2011

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