do you use the recipe that came with the breadmaker or do you have a different
one for pizza dough? I have never thought to make pizza dough in my 'maker
before and would love to have a recipe. (I have no clue where my book that came
with mine is at the moment, but will start searching! )

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I had the Z one LOL but I gave it away to some friends because when I got
married my dh already had a breadmaker. Mine was so hard to get out of the
holder and dh's isn't so we kept his.Our's is called a "Corner Bakery". I like
it. It makes the best pizza dough. Have you had bread from a breadmaker before?
Do you like it? We go through spells where we use it alot and hardly use it. It
comes in handy to make loaves of bread as gifts or for church events, raffles,
etc. I would say I like the pizza dough the best though.

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