pasta, italian dressing and whatever you have on hand for fresh veggies gives
it color and taste

make meatballs ahead of time, even from the freezer. add an onion, gravy,
garlic power, seasonings to taste. We put them in the crock pot the night
before or early in the morning to get the gravy flavor in the meatballs. They
can be eatten as an appetizer or on subs.

If you can keep it cold.... tuna, pasta, peas, mayo....some times i add cherry
tomatoes for color.

whatever you can do the night before is always a sanity saver. Marinade
chicken wings and drum sticks, but put some of each in one marinade, and some
in a different flavor marinade. people think you went the extra mile with the
flavors but all you actually did was use what you had for marinades.

ceasar salad is easy to make the night before too. you can make your own

did you think of possibly having each person bring a dish? Just a thought.
I'm sure they wouldn't mind since you said you've just moved. I'm sure they're
not expecting "over the top elegance".

Trish Hammond <> wrote:
a summer-time kids' birthday party!

Hello, everyone

I am feeing very creativity-challenged. I would like to do a simple picnic-ish
supper, followed by cake and ice cream. Do you all have some easy, frugal, yet
"cool" menu ideas you could share with me?? I sure would appreciate any and all