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Crouching Panda Hidden Swine

Genre: Games
Release Date: April 08, 2011

New features in version 2.0!
- Game Center support,
- Fight against your friends or any other players,
- Get additional fights with your friend's help,
- Take part in the new awesome ratings,
- Share your achievements with your friends in Facebook and Twitter.
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A new world of online challenges, brave animals, incredible Kung-Fu tricks and various types of weapons is waiting for you! Choose one of the 15 characters (crocodile, panda, swine, skunk, wolf or any other), train its special skills (endurance, strength or agility), upgrade its unique instincts, equip it and send it to the Arena. There you will meet other players with their trained animals.
- 15 types of animals: from Crocodile to Skunk,
- Over 60 types of weapons,
- Over 40 types of armory,
- Different kinds of potions and scrolls,
- Unique Instincts and Abilities,
- Real enemies in online fights,

- Lot of fun and incredible Kung Fu tricks.

Good luck! Fight them all! Don`t forget to switch on the sound!
Next version of the game with weapons upgrades is coming soon!

Please note: Internet access is required.

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