If your name is Lea and you wrote the post below last July, I really
*really* would love that recipe for the sweet potato casserole with
pecans and brown sugar! When my children and I stayed in Kennesaw, GA
in 2000, we had the pleasure of enjoying Thanksgiving with a family
there. The kids had sworn they didn't like sweet potatoes...and then
they tried this. No exaggeration, the three of us fought for it! lol
Could you please post the recipe? I hope you're still here!

--- In Budget101_@yahoogroups.com, leasergei@a... wrote:
<<We have bought our first house and I invited some friends for
Thanksgiving yes, already.) I told one of them that the menu will be
what we have had for years now. I am not a fancy person.....it will
be: turkey, dressing, sweet potato casserole with pecans and brown
sugar on the top, green bean casserole, tea, pecan pie and some kind
of cake. For our family (2 adults and 3 children), that is a LOT of
food!! But the one I did tell the menu to said. "Well, I usually make
a sweet potato souffle (what's the difference??), some kind of salad
and corn." I am already thinking, "Why did I do this??" (hitting
myself in the head). OK, so I need some pointers from you more
experienced people on how to deal with this. I had intended to
say, "This is the menu and if you want something else, bring it."
Only problem is that she will be driving 8 to 10 hours. I haven't
discussed it with the others. Also, I honestly do not have THAT many
serving dishes! Yeah, I could go buy more, but where am I going to
put them when Thanksgiving is over? My husband has a major COW if

anything winds up under the bed. Thanks to anyone who can help
me here...I am already wishing I had not spoken up. Particularly
since my grandmother broke her hip and shoulder the next day and
there is no way she would be able to travel. So for now it is only 3
extra adults, and I just refuse to placate everyone. OK, except for
the 2 out of the 5 adults who drink coffee....LOL. But how do I do it