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Freekick 2

Genre: Games
Release Date: March 11, 2011

FROM the maker of Castle Runner

Do You Love Playing the beautiful game?

Fancy seeing your opponent Goalkeeper being eaten
ALIVE by T-rex or ABDUCTED by U.F.O??

Just Keep the goals coming in FreeKick Mania 2
Challenge mode
and Summon your T-rex friend or Outer space buddies
and make your opponent goalie disappear!

Challenge Mode Hint:
5 Points (Goal) to summon a crazy army guy
10 Points (Goal) to summon your T-Rex
15 Points (Goal) to summon the U.F.O to abduct the goalie!
MORE FUN and FREE updates to come!!

-Stunning 3D graphics (we wish to make it 4D but we can't )
- Endless GamePlay!! (Hours of fun!)
- Unlock the Super fun Challenge Mode
(Never seen before T-rex and UFO scenes)
- Smooth and realistic Ball Play

GAME Description:
FreeKick Mania 2 is a breakthrough,
It is made up of a dream we had one fateful night,
Where we made friends with the owner of a UFO, and travelled back in time just to make a T-rex our PET!!

Freekick Mania 2 combines the fun and joy of kicking and scoring goals from Free Kick spot, and enjoying your "reward"
as you see funny scenes where you magically summon the T-rex or UFO to help you score your goal!!

Still READING? What are you waiting for! Try this game
for yourselves and Tell all your friends about it!

© 2011 Touchten

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