[Moderator's response: Susan's post came through yesterday. Yahoo also
apparently had some glitches yesterday. I don't know how many of us
were working with moderation yesterday, but I've been working on the
archive consolidation to get more space for the list, and I haven't
been able to devote quite as much time to moderation as a result.
Besides...I also do a few other things. Your emails are fine,
Teresa. Perhaps Susan just requested it late? Not everyone will
respond immediately. Hope that explains it (or confuses! lol).

Thank you for the advice. I did however send this email a few days ago when the
big surge of people were asking Emily for the website that did this $4 a day
thing started. Emily has since emailed me privately, as well as the fact that
I saw it on the website. I have no idea why it just now posted. Maybe my
emails are off???
Thank you again

[Moderator's note: Please, everyone, if you want private email sent
to you, be sure, when you are including your address, to use AT in
place of the @ sign, so the address will be clear. For Teresa,
Susan's address is <kunzsATmadasafish.com>. Again, use @ instead
of the place where you see AT. Thank you.]


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