My husband and I used to have a queen mattress and box springs on a hollywood
frame with no headboard / foot board. It was fine, but it broke. The main
board that runs the length (head to foot) of the box springs split right in
half. So, when we moved we bought a king boxsprings and mattress and NO frame.
So the boxsprings sit right on the floor.

The company we bought the bed from said that this actually gives the box springs
the best support and is a great idea. But you have to weigh it carefully as to
whether you want to get a bed or not, as you loose the under bed storage. For
me it was no biggy as we didn't ever use that space for storage anyway (except
for dog toys, dust bunnies, stray socks, empty water bottles and my husbands
t-shirts he would take off when he got in bed and would end up stuffed under the

Emily Y.

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We don't have a headboard or footboard either and I don't miss it. I would
hate to spend that kind of money on furniture and have it colored on with
crayons or that "hidden" marker my girls seem to have. : )

Hope this helps

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