When my youngest started crawling out of her crib, I bought a crib tent off
ebay. A new bed was not in the budget and I did not feel she was ready for a
big bed. Then we went to walmart and bought her a toddler bed (I think $60?)
that uses her crib mattress. We are dreading the purchase of her mattress and
boxsprings so we decided once she is to big for the crib mattress, we will buy
her a new mattress and just put it on rails. We don't have a headboard or
footboard either and I don't miss it. I would hate to spend that kind of money
on furniture and have it colored on with crayons or that "hidden" marker my
girls seem to have. : )

Hope this helps

I was thinking that
for a birthday gift we would get her this baby bed that is 3 in 1 a baby bed, a
toddler bed and regular bed. It's 169 which is not to bad when you are
getting 3 in 1 what do you think.

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