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Release Date: October 30, 2010

Aggressive driving causes more than half of all accidents on the roads. Last year 33,808 people in the US died in road accidents, or one person every 15 minutes. DriveMeCrazy makes it possible for anyone to help make our roads safer: report bad drivers or give kudos to the good ones.

When you witness a good or bad driver, simply SAY the license plate number. We call it “flagging” another driver, hands-free!


- Identify dangerous drivers, write a ticket reporting the violation, and give them feedback
on how to improve.
- Exchange voice messages with the good drivers.
- Search any license plate and check their DriveMeCrazy record.
- Check your own driving record (as reported by others) and get a real-time notification
if someone flags you. Monitor if anybody is flagging your friends or family.
- Hear the funniest rants about bad drivers.

DriveMeCrazy is simple, yet powerful:
- Voice-powered flagging for a safe driving experience
- Location-enabled so you can track every flag on a map
- Easily broadcast your flags on Twitter or Facebook

Your flags remain anonymous.


L.A. Times (Dec 13 2010): “Did that Driver just cut you off? Report him with the DriveMeCrazy mobile app”

L.A. Thrillist (Dec 24 2010): “if you see someone showcasing other terrible driving habits honk at your mom and tell her she's embarrassing you, hit the "bad driver" button on the screen and safely speak the license plate number to flag that car's driver”

Lifehacker (Jan 3 2011): “Hopefully, taking the anonymity out from driving will lead to less aggressive drivers and help to create safer roads”

Dallas Thrillist (Jan 10 2011): “… this free iPhone app provides safe, responsible citizens like yourself quick, effective, and potentially hilarious methods of reporting the vehicular crimes of the various jerk-offs, a-holes, and sons of bitches you seem to encounter on a daily basis”

KTBX News (Jan 4 2011): “New Phone App Lets You Play Cop”


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