You might try or check the websites for your billing company.
They have free bill payment options and email your bill that could cut down on
trash which will result in less expense. If you have less trash and cut out
the cost of the check and stamp to several bills its a great service I hope
that might help!

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> Date: Wed, 4 Jun 2003 09:43:04 -0400
> From: "Anggie Thompson" <>
> Subject: Bank stuff
> I am proud to say that my bank is very friendly. I signed up for some kind
> of online bill payment with my bank. I KNOW I saw somewhere that it was free
> or I certainly would not have signed up for it. In checking my account
> online, I saw a $6.95 charge for it. I immediately called the banking center
> asked very nicely for them to remove the charge and be sure that it was
> cancelled (I had done that online too). She did remove the charge.
> I am certainly too frugal to pay an extra $6.95 when a check &a stamp costs
> less than $0.50.
> I also had a friend run a credit report for me and found that I didn't pay
> some interest on my check protection. Some amount less than $2 was on my
> report as a charge off. Anyone have any luck in getting credit reports
> straightened out?
> Anggie

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