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am curious to know how many members live in the country vs. how many
live in
the city. Where do you think it is cheaper to live and how have you
your choice to be less expensive? Are you happy with where you live or
you rather move and why?

I live in San Jose, CA. I'm in what goes for suburbs here. I hate it. I've
been trying to get my ex-h to move for 15 years. When the kids are grown, I'm
probably leaving. Rent on an OLD 3BR house is $2600 mo. I have a
tiny slice of backyard that I'm trying to garden in. The prices are

I think that what I don't like most, though, is the feeling around here--
attitude/lifestyle of a lot of people in the area. I think that's one of the
important things to look at. This place exploded during the .com boom.
There are tons of designer clothes, dining in the "right" restaurants,
8 billion huge off-road vehicles that will never see the off-road, etc. I've
most my life here, and in high school people had to be seen in Daddy's
Porsche and their Calvin Kleins or Vanderbilt jeans etc. It seems like the
adults now play the same game.

I must admit the plusses are there--weather is great. I can take a day trip
up to San Francisco, down to Monterey. We're within beach, skiing,
hiking, museums--anything you would want to do, we've pretty much got.
I'm hoping with the .com bust, things will become more livable. There
are tons of vacant buildings, and I'm starting to see lots of Mercedes
and BMWs in the Grocery Outlet store.

Oh! here's a great link for checking out where you want to live--there's a
quiz that asks almost everything about you and what you'd like and spits
back info on places for you to live! My son and I had a blast with it!


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