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    > <<Long distance phone service>>

    We started using Amerivoice a few months ago. It's 19.99 a month for all
    calls, 24/7. In and out of state. I think the website is, or you
    can do a search on for "long distance". We still use for calls when DH is out of town.
    It's helped us a lot.


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    Default Long distance phone service

    Just a quickie here this time. For those of you in the Verizon phone
    company areas, check with them and see whether you can get their
    Freedom "Veriations" package. They apparently offer several plans.
    I had been paying for two lines before--a total of $80-100 a month,
    depending on any number of problems. lol I had *no* long distance!
    With this move, I've been able to do the Freedom "Veriations" package
    and only one phone line (Thanks to the HUD subsidy I'm on--and can
    afford--cable at last!!!) for a cost of about $85 a month. I didn't
    have to pay for installation with the move, and my package includes
    unlimited local, regional *AND* long distance! I have no surprises!
    I have inside wire protection, phone protection, and every imaginable
    feature for the same price I was paying before for a skeletal kind of
    service. Let's see--Caller ID, Call Forwarding, Three Way Calling,
    Voice Messaging, Call Intercept, and NO long distance charges. It's
    totally free--24/7!

    Sorry...I must sound like an advertisement for Verizon, but this has
    really thrilled me so much, you know I'll never go back to
    the "other" guy. No, I don't work for them, and no, I get no
    consideration on the bill for telling you about this. This plan is a
    lifesaver for me especially now. My oldest son, whose wife, as you
    know, gave birth to Sarena (her photo is in the photo section here in
    the archives) on 12 April, has just accepted a job offer with a
    relocation probably to South Carolina--and a ***$13,000*** raise,
    *and* if he finds he would like to return to the old job instead, for
    whatever reason, the soon-to-be old employer has given him that
    assurance as well! What's really nice, however, about this phone
    service, as you can imagine, will allow me to call them every day if
    we want!

    *Now* I'm done! Again, sorry if I got carried away.

    Budget101_ moderator and Ethnic Inexpensively columnist



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