Print a book using your child's name along with two of his friend's names.
It's free from Huggies. Very cute, and would make a great gift idea too, so
mark the site.

HREF=""><a href="">http://www.huggie\</a></A>

Pack something sweet for lunch. Loving notes you can print out and tape to
the inside of you child's lunch box. Good for husband's too!


Printable checklist. Great idea if you are like me, and need help to keep
yourself in "check". I think it motivates you too. Give it a try. It's free,
and there are tons of them.


Traveling? Print out this free travel activitiy book for your monkeys!

HREF=""><a href="">http://www.e\</a></A>

Too hot activities for the summer. Print out these child makable toys for
free. Lots of fun to be had here. I little tape, glue, paper, and time is all
it takes to make some cool stuff with your kids. I even print some for me to

HREF=""><a href="">\

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