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Thread: swiffer

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    Kathy A

    Default swiffer

    So last week I asked a question about the swiffer and
    if I can use something other than the disposable towel
    things that come with it. SOmeone said that I can use
    a baby diaper. A few days ago I finally opened the
    swiffer and used it, I guess the disposable cloths you
    use with it are electro or static electric or
    something so they attract the dust and sand etc. But
    after using it I had a small pile of larger particles
    that I had to sweep up with my dust pan. So Im
    wondering what is the point of a swiffer, is it just
    because a normal broom will not pick up the super tiny
    stuff?? For some reason I thought it would make my
    cleaning a little easier. I also thought that the
    disposable towels that you buy for them were just
    paper towels, but they're not, so how is it any
    better. Also you can buy Swiffer wets to mop but if
    there is no small scrubbie on the mop how is it any
    better than a regular rectangular mop? Maybe Im just
    not clear on the benefits of a swiffer vs a mop. Kathy


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    Default swiffer

    Some people say you can use a fabric softener sheet for the dry ones. I have a
    wetjet so this is why I use the clothe diaper. Personally the only thing i use
    the dry one for now is my ceiling fans, because I always still had a pile to
    sweep up. Jes

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    Rain Company

    Default swiffer

    This is just a thought about the swiffer mops, wouldn't a dish cloth that
    has a scrubber on one side work if you needed a scrubber??? I don't know if
    they would fit, but you could take measurements and see. You could buy
    several in a certain color, so you know they go to the mop.

    Julie S

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    Default swiffer

    Yes I reuse the cloth diaper just toss it in the washer. I find it works just
    as well and we seem to do a lot of mopping the last set I made lasted for over
    3 months.Jes

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    Default Re: swiffer

    You can use the bounty paper towels that are designed to be used in
    water for the swiffers. Also, spraying endust on a cloth diaper for
    the dry ones makes them pick up more. Carmellyn

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    Default swiffer

    Anyone know how to make homemade swiffer for cleaning floors and dusting?


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    Default swiffer

    i would try a micro fiber cloth sprayed lightly with static guard

    BOBBI <> wrote: Anyone know how to make homemade swiffer for cleaning floors and dusting?


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    Don Calkins

    Default swiffer

    on 6/30/07 11:00 AM, BOBBI at wrote:

    > Anyone know how to make homemade swiffer for cleaning floors and dusting?

    Back in the old days we used to spray dust mops with kerosene. Today I

    would suggest professional dust mop treatment and a wedgie style dust mop

    like your grandmother used to use.

    Don C


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