As I struggled to get a budget organized and work on a debt payment
plan and a spending record that I really would like support group,
and while groups like this are GREAT for information, and I get so
many ideas here that I don't want to leave... I decided to also start
a little group for anyone who is kind of like me, struggling with
some debt, not really getting spending under control. A little
support group.

It's not for the suggestions and stuff that is here, I'm hoping it
will be a smallish group (although not ignored!!!) of people who want
to work with each other to create their budgets, debt management
plans etc...

it's here:

I just created it the day before going to DisneyWorld (yeah that
makes sense right? get concerned about the budget right before I head
off to Disney!!!!)
And am ready to get it off the ground. Maybe a person or 2 here would

like to check out the idea?

I sell nothing I promise, I'm not linked to any money making entity,
just looking for some other folks to work through baby steps of money
managements with!!