List Price: $9.99 Deal Price: $9.99 Warning! The contents inside this pack will make you L33T! A barrage of some of the hottest Razer swag around spills onto your desktop when you tear open the stealthy envelope ready to level up your arsenal of Razer gear. Each swag item is emblazoned with Razer’s famous triple headed snake logo. L33T Pack includes items to deck out your room, your rig and yourself in true Razer fashion. Package Contents Razer Lanyard – Never lose a convention badge or car keys again Razer STFU Do Not Disturb Door Hanger – Keep out anyone not L33T enough to enter your domain Razer Triple Headed Snake Art Stencil – Create your own Razer patterns and ensure you have the details down to a T Razer Triple Headed Snake Sticker – It’s a sticker, you know what to doRazer Fragged Drink Coaster – You might put your feet on your coffee table, but don’t dare leave watermarks againRazer Triple Headed Snake Temporary Tattoo – Perfect until you turn eighteen and can get the real thingRazer Computer Case Badge – In case someone wasn’t sure what kind of hardware they were getting fragged withRazer Triple Headed Snake Shirt Pin – Express yourself with this hot little piece of flare ????????????Product FeaturesAn assortment of various Razer swag items inside a tear open pouchTechnical DetailsBrand Name: RazerExpires Jul 15, 2011

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