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Live Contacts Free
Askar Khangildin

Genre: Utilities
Release Date: May 27, 2011

*** NEW ***
*** Fast Dial Buttons with VIDEO included ***
*** Easy to upgrade to full version ***
(we recommend to reset you iPhone after downloading the application and restart the app)

Everything around us is moving and changing. So why do your friends' photos look so stiff in your iPhone Contact List? Enliven them! Create fast-dial buttons with a VIDEO included!

This app allows you to create fast-dial buttons for calling your friends, relatives and all other people whom you call frequently.

Are you tired of the inconvenient contact search
option in your Contact List? If you are, then Live Contacts is right for you.

Just pick an existing VIDEO or make a new one right now, link it to a contact from your Contact List, and dial! Or maybe you don't have a suitable VIDEO of your friend yet? Upload their photo, it will take you only 10 seconds to change it with a VIDEO later. Each contact's window has its own independent sound channel so that you can turn the volume of each video on the page up or down at whim. Create as many contacts as you wish.(full version required). Live Contacts doesn't save in its memory your video or photo material. We use only what you have in your video and photo library or in your Contact List.


-It's very easy to add a new contact to the fast-dial button. All you need to do is tap on the fast-dial button's empty window. A new form will appear. Select a person from your Contact List or manually enter their name and phone number. Then add their video or photo or record them straight from the form. Tap on the "Action" button and you're done! Your friend will look alive, waving at you or singing a
song! Incredible!

-You can change your contact's information by tapping on its window and pressing continuously for half a second. A form will appear. Change anything you want and Tap on the "Action" button.

-In order to remove a contact, press on its window with two fingers simultaneously. The window will clear and the contact will be removed with no further hassle. Of course, your contact's video, photo and details won't disappear from your phone.

-Sound. In order to turn a certain contact's volume up, slowly drag your finger over it from left to right. The volume will go up.
-In order to turn a certain contact's volume down, slowly drag your finger over it from right to left. The volume will go down.

-Turn the pages of your Contact List just as you would pages from a book.
When you add even a single contact on the last page, a new page will automatically be added to the end of the Contact List.

© Askar Khangildin

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