> [Moderator's note in response to this: It's *VERY* expensive in the USA.
Online, it goes for about US$120 for a 45 gm tube, (a gift from a client!)
but I can vouch for it. It works great after an initial period that will
cause you to panic as your skin peels off and becomes highly sensitive. Do
***NOT*** go out in the sun with it, especially without cream!! Yes, it's
used for wrinkles and the like, but also for acne scars.]

all I can say is WOW~ I have a very good feeling it is less than half of
that!!! My tube says Retin-A .05% 40 g cream by Cilag. Made in Mexico

And yes, face does start to peel... put it on at night, wash off good in am.
Make sure to put sunblock on... I have heard it is highly sensitive to the
sun but I am not sure what it does if you are in the sun with it... I would

think something close to a bad chemical burn, ??? I don't want to find

~ Veronica