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Inotia 2: Eternity
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Genre: Games
Release Date: June 07, 2011

Get ready to enjoy the classic RPG masterpiece, Inotia2: A Wanderer of Luone "FULL version" FOR FREE!

Start your adventure in the free version of Inotia2: A Wanderer of Luone—Inotia2: Eternity.
Inotia2 is the exciting series to the adventure and fantasy of The Chronicles of Inotia.

Fight against Lord Gorgon, the evil king, and bring peace again to the Land of Inotia!

The journey begins with your decision in what class you’d like to proceed the game with.
In Inotia2, there are 6 unique classes, Knight, Magician, Priest, Thief, Templar, and Ranger, for you to choose out of.
Also, start your adventure with up to 2 companions and form a fellowship in a party.
Accomplish many different quests, and add a variety of different items to your character!

Inotia2: There is no limit to the story in Eternity. Start your journey through the adventure with a new buff system that was added. Unique items and exciting quests, along with an Intriguing system that composites well with the adventurous fantasy journey are all waiting to be uncovered!



With the absolutely enormous story mode, numerous possiblities for
customization, and online play options, this is by all means a complete
package. -

If you are looking for an absurdly long, incredibly deep RPG with an online
matchup mode, this one is definitely for you. -

Action/RPG Game of the YEAR for the Apple iPhone!! - Capsulecomputers

RPG fans will find this to be better than most other Diablo clones on the
App Store - AppSpy

The animations are smooth, the weapons and armor all have different
appearances, and the amount of content is unbelievable. -



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