Hi all
I have two questions
We just cleaned out carpets and I have some black stains (spots really) that
I think are from dirty shoes in the winter. Also, there are a few small red
spots that I think may be marker from one of the various art projects. I am
not too worried about it, but would like to try to get them out. I have used
Oxy clean and bissel stain remover, does anyone have any other ideas. (just
a little side note, my dh says that prevention is the key-but we are the
neighborhood hangout also with a new baby...so, sometimes you just have to
let some things slide as I am sure some can relate
Also, concerning the vinegar in the dishwasher, do you add it to each cycle
in the place where Jet Dry goes?
Thanks so much in advance as a new stay at home mom, I have found the
challenge of "earning" a savings paycheck very fun!


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