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Genre: Entertainment
Release Date: May 01, 2011

iForward is a new application from dynamically developing company Smartbit. It is a gift not only for true football fans, but also for people who just wonna have fun and feel like a real football star.

Have your ever thought that your goals could be like fantastic Pele, Zidan or Ronaldinio goals? Guess, only in your dreams. We made your dreams come true. With the help of the shown video you will see, that you can even actually be better!

Choose kick strength and goal corner to defeat the goalkeeper (just try - you shouldn’t have any problem with that)! Then enjoy being a winner and a famous soccer star! You will be on a big stadium and listen to a crowd screaming your name! Don’t loose your fame time.


- You can choose your own kicking strategy by choosing areas of the goal and strength you want to kick the ball with.
- List of videos will allow you to view them again any time you want so you can go through best moments of soccer games.
- Reveal new videos by scoring against our goalkeeper. Be first to see latest videos from current championships.
- New videos every day (including HD).

Look foward to find new videos with perfect goals. New updates for the game are coming soon.

You can find more HD-video in iForward.

Also, we really want to know your opinion - so you have all opportunities to do that.

iForward is available for iPhone 4/3GS/iPod Touch and it also available for iPad.

WiFi is recommended.

Video on YouTube:

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