Trying not to open a can of worms here

I have gone to Mexico to go to the Dr. when I didn't have insurance, I had
mastitis~ ouch! Anyways... I went on advice from my then mil who went to
that Dr. quite a bit. I have gone across the border for other stuff like
amoxcilian and my mil bought birth control pills and crushed them up and put
them in her shampoo, she said it helped make her hair strong, ??? Anyways,
some meds you need a prescription for, others, you don't.

I also have bought Retin-A and used at night cuz I really don't want
wrinkles LOL~

I would REALLY love to get into aromatherapy and also using essential oils

and herbs to heal, but just haven't put the time into learning about all
that... not yet anyways!!!