If you used the 3 pounds, your pool WILL be cloudy for 1 or 2 days. I wait
until the 2nd day before I start to vacuum the pool. You have to get all
the ait out of your vacuum line, so hold the end that goes into your
filtering system to the water coming back into the pool until all the air is
out, then keeping the end under water so you don't let air into it, put it
into the vacuum opening at the filter. I don't know if the underground
filters are alot diffferent than the above, but if there is a plastic lid to
the filter, that might, like mine does need to go down farther so you create
the vacuum. Do you have a pool walker that cleans the bottom for you? I
invested $130 for one, and would do it again in a minute. It is important
to watch the pressure on the filter, do you have a sand filter or an earth
filter? You will have to buy chlorine, and get either a floating holder for
it or put it in your pool filter basket (if your filter allows it) The
'shock' you put in won't last more than a few days. You will have to buy PH
raiser, if it's not right, the chlorine won't last long and it will also
irritate people eyes. Go to Goggle web site and put in swimming pool care,
you will get dozens of site that tell you how to take care of your pool.

Plus you need to know how many gallons it holds.

You can prnint out what you find on Goggle for swimming pool care, so you
can read it over so it makes sense to you.

Julie S