"How to play

Every day for a limited time, 1000 FREE bottles of New Extra Strength Bayer Advanced Aspirin 20ct will be up for grabs. Just be one of the first 1000 to Speed Share and claim one. And remember: Speed Share is active at different times every day, so you have to be as nimble, as you are quick.

Here's how to play:

Step 1
Visit the Bayer Advanced Aspirin website when Speed Share is active. If Speed Share is not active when you arrive, sign-up for an email alert and you'll be notified when the game is active again.

Step 2
If Speed Share is active, share the free product offer with your friends on Facebook. And hurry!

Step 3
Once you have shared the offer, provide your mailing address in the form provided. And that's it! Your free bottle of Bayer Advanced Aspirin will arrive in 2-4 weeks."