List Price: $5.99 Deal Price: $5.99Lava, the original heavy-duty hand cleaner has set the standard for hand cleaning since 1893. Low cost per handwashing makes Lava ideal for commercial, industrial and janitorial services. The power of Lava in a convenient liquid pump. Everyone loves the cleaning power of Lava and it’s finding its way onto more sinks than ever before in its liquid form. The pumice-powered soap gets extra dirty hands really clean. Like the original bar version, Lava Liquid contains pumice to clean away the toughest grease and grime. Lava removes dirt, oil, tar, caulk, grease, ink, paint and adhesives from your hands. It also has three different moisturizers that leave skin feeling soft and smooth. Lava Liquid is available in a 7.5 oz. pump bottle – perfect for the kitchen, bathroom, garden shed or shop sink.Expires Jul 8, 2011

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