Someone out there offered to post some links - if it was allowed. If
it's not, please email them to me - that is how I found this group.
I homschool as well, all of those subjects you mentioned sounded
good! I LOVE helpful sites & pass them along anytime I get a
chance... I've told everyone I know & love about Budget101 - & I know
they've been enjoying it too!

Sorry I don't know who sent this - I get my messages in digest form &
by the time I had read all the messages I couldn't remember which one
had the offer in it!

I'm still soooo excited over this group & website. I have been
trying desperately to figure out how to cut my budget so that I can
have money to do other things. I have 3 children & one on the way...
my husband is our only income. Our solution to our debt has been for
him to sacrifice some time w/us to do "handyman" jobs on the side
after work. We see him for sure all day Sunday & Monday night - he
never schedules anything at those times. He has paid off since Jan.
three "personal" debts that weighed heavier on our hearts than the
credit cards - debts owed to family & friends. By the end of next
month, out last two personal debts should be totally pd off.

Next will be the credit cards, which should only take an extra month
to do - & then we HAVE to buy a used van/mini van for me because the
only car we have will only seat 5 and w/the new baby that just isn't
going to work anymore. We have our 2 bedroom trailer completely pd
for - we just pay taxes & rent (140.00 monthly) for the land. By the
end of the yr. we would like to move our tiny trailer on to some land
& start bldg. for more room. The nice thing is... there will be no
debt incurred!

Many people have faulted my husband for taking so long to "get me a
vehicle" (my old van died in Dec. right before we found out about the
baby. It has bit the dust.). It is hard to be patient but I keep
looking at where we'll be in a few months & it makes it all
worthwhile. That's why I was so excited to find such a complete
website on cutting corners! I still can't believe how much I'm going
to save by making my own baby wipes! (Forget cloth diapers though -
I still have that weak stomach) My husband thinks I'm crazy, but if
I can cut my groc. just by .00 a wk., then I won't have to ask him

to take care of the kids shoes, clothes, etc. - which means more for
the debt, which means my goals are even closer to me!

I look forward to gleaning all the wisdom from everyone on this
list. I've cut corners in the kitchen before, but I've never seen
the cleaners, baby wipes, etc. By the way, how does the MYO laundry
detergent work? I've stuck to brands such as Purex & used a laundry
booster as needed, but if I can do a MYO for cheaper & get the same
results, I'll go for it!

Thanks to all!

happy wife of 12 yrs. to Russell
mommy to Crystal 9, Savannah 6, Suzy Q. 2, and baby in Sept. 2003!