[MODERATOR'S NOTE: Everyone, just a heads up. The very sensitive bankruptcy
thread needs to wind down and close. Some hurt feelings have occurred despite
efforts not to have that happen. We appreciate your (general term here and no
reflection on our new member, Jeanna, who we welcome here) changing the subject
line to reflect the ending of the thread. Thank you.]

Hello, I am new to the group and thought I would intro myself and
then comment on this thread.
My name is Jeanna, I am 37 and live in NC. I have been married for
17 years in May to Ken, my sweetheart still. We are the proud
parents of 2 kids, 1 ds-Nathan 15 and 1 dd-Marina who will be 10 in
July. I have had fibromyalgia for 6 years and have had to stop
working after many tries at holding a job. I practice much
frugalality (word?). We grow our much of our own food which I can
and freeze every year. I also make most of my own mixes and
condiments. We also raise our own pork and beef every year. This is
economical for us because my husband raises cattle and the pigs we
get in May and raise for the fair and sell all but one so it pays for
it's self. We cut our own hair, drive vehicles that are older and
paid for with cash. We do not eat out or go out for entertainment.
The only things we do that are not frugal are having the internet
and Dish network.
After saying all this I want to say the we are looking at
bankruptcy/forclosure because my husband does not make enough money
to make the housing expenses our house takes. He makes $2000 and
almost half goes for housing, and this is not including electricity
or heating. I also have continueing medical bills and some medical
treatments which I have not been able to do because of money

problems. My point is sometimes it is not that the person does not
know how to budget it is that there is not enough money and yes we
have sold pretty much everything that we could get money out of.
Where I live yard sales are not money makers. My sister and I had
one a couple of weeks ago and made about $50.00 between us.
I am not saying all of this because I am mad, but because I just
thought maybe another prespective was needed.

[snipped for brevity]