I won't get into why or why not to file bankr... it is not good for anyone..
I want to say that that if you don't understand how to manage money now.. you
never will and will end up right back in the same boat you are in now.. it is a
sad fact.. but true..I wish part of bankr. was mandatory classes on managing
money !!

I love to listen to Lary Burkett on Christian radio.. ck your local station for
airing times...also READ all you can about managing money .. The libr. is free
.. plus you might even find a movie for the kids so you can read maybe while
rocking the baby..

and last but not least.... find a mentor.. someone that REALLY knows how to
manage money.. maybe someone in your church..
it would be well worth your time..

look at this as a learning time..
If God brings us too it.. He will bring us through it

Lisa M

My Mood ring turns green when I'm happy..

When I'm in a bad mood,
it leaves a red mark on Dh's forehead.

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