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Cube Dog - 3D Toy
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Genre: Entertainment
Release Date: May 31, 2011

*Heads-up from Cube Dog!
Cube Dog is currently incompatible with the following devices: iPhone®, Phone® 3G, iPod touch® (1st, 2nd generation)


Cube Dogs are adorable, 3D, interactive pets that you can customize to your hearts content! They love it when you rub their tummies, they play baseball, and they even fend of ninja attacks. Build the perfect pet, and snap photos to share with friends!

- Select from more than 1.3 million possible puppy combinations.
- Choose your favorite color, nose, eyes, ears, feet, body, and head… Make him your own.
- Create and name up to three cube dogs.

- Tap your Cube Dog, and he giggles and does tricks
- Rub his tummy, and he’ll love you forever!
- More than 40 special tricks to choose from

- You can snap pictures of your Cube Dog dancing on your desk, sitting on your head, or anywhere at all. Be creative!
- Take photos on-location, by using the camera on your device to create the background for your shots

Hint: PINCH and SWIPE the background to see your Cub Dog from any angle

IT’S FREE! Why not check it out?!

*note: Cube Dog is currently compatible with the following hardware devices: iPhone® 3GS, iPhone® 4, iPod touch® (3rd generation), and iPod touch® (4th generation). All compatible devices must be running iOS 4.0 or higher. We will be looking to support earlier versions of iOS 3.x in the future.

**note: to be able to use the “on-location” photo feature, your iOS device must have a camera enabled. However, even if it doesn’t have one, Cube Dogs are still great fun.

For more info, to ask a question directly, or to just share your cutest Cube Dogs, come visit us on Facebook( or Twitter @podotreeUS.

© 2011(c) podotree, inc.

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