Hi everyone,

I've been moderating a lot of the posts today and have seen a
wide range of comments on one particular subject from strong
support to *potential* guilt trips.

Please remember, everyone, this list is pushing 1000 strong now,
and as a result, feelings can become quite heated at times. If
you have a thought you'd like to express on the subject, remember
that there is a caring, feeling human being on the other side of
your monitor somewhere in this world, and s/he will feel the words
you're sending far more than you might realize.

My thoughts are going quite a bit toward the borders of cliché
perhaps, but these things are important to be said. A native
American saying cautions us never to judge a man till we've
walked a mile in his moccasins. And the late Indira Gandhi said,
"You cannot shake hands with a clenched fist."

I know how those words can hurt. As it happens, on a completely
unrelated topic in a forum (not a list) yesterday, I was banned,
not because I was rude or insensitive, but simply because the
people "running the show" seemed to be intimidated by the
knowledge I possessed in this particular arena. Today, a 237-kb
thread in which I had written very detailed posts relating to a
particular technique was deliberately wiped out by the owner of
that forum, simply because she was angry at me for my having
expressed, calmly, my opinion that she didn't like. As a result,
more than 500 people will lose out from the benefit of learning
that technique. Don't worry. I have the thread on my hard drive.
I had a feeling she might do something like that, and the letters
of support have been pouring into my email box today, for which
I'm very grateful.

When I saw that thread wiped out in the split of a second, I felt
my heart sink to my toes, and I had to fight back the tears. That
woman who did this to the thread could have cared less because
she had a reputation for selfishness. But here on Budget101,
despite the size of this group, I believe we're a family.

Yes, families argue and families make up. But sadly, sometimes
the words we've spoken will never be erased from someone's
mind--especially when the speaking comes in the form of the
written word.

So I'll beg of you now, please think twice before you say something
in anger and simply click that send button. Whether or not we all
agree, we are each owners of our feelings, our actions, and our
opinions. We may not like what another says, but we need to at
least be sensitive to the person on the other side of that screen.