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    Default Groceries and Allowence

    > I'm new to this group and am just going to jump in here. I'm all for
    > budgeting (that's why I'm here), but how do you manage, mentally, with
    > getting an allowance from your husband? I mean no offense whatsoever.
    > just thinking this would make me feel like a child. I don't contribute to
    > the home, financially, but certainly do in every other way.

    > Kathy, when I read "allowance" I mentally hear "budget allowance" which to
    me is different than a kids allowance for being good. I look at it like X
    dollars of the budget are allocated to groceries, spending etc. And I take
    the entire "allowance" on payday for the various categories, if that makes

    As far as not contributing to the household financially, I feel that in a
    roundabout way you do. By being home (with kids I assume?) your dh doesn't
    have to worry about taking his turn staying home with sick or vacationing
    kids. He can focus on bringing home the paycheck totally. You are able to
    save money and stretch his check that much further - without your careful
    spending and choices, there would be that much less available cash you know?
    And, I hope no one who works outside the home takes this personally or
    offensively, but a lot of men whose wives stay home suddenly feel very proud

    of themselves for being able to support his family, particularly after
    living on two incomes. That is why wives should never feel like they don't
    contribute financially or feel like they shouldn't spend HIS check. You are
    totally integral to that financial family base.

    SAHMommy to Sophie 5yrs and Katie 2.5yrs

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    Default Re: Groceries and allowence

    Well my little chart didn't come through well at all did it? LOL!


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    Default Groceries and allowence

    > I have a question... Do any of you keep a book or journal of prices in the
    grocery store. I am really bad with >prices. I couldn't tell ya what a
    gallon of milk or a box of cereal costs.....
    >.... I was thinking of starting one so I can price compare in different
    stores also. Do any of you have such a >thing maybe you could share how you
    set it up and keep it current. Thanks

    > Joanie, I keep mine on excel but you can do it on any program or even on
    paper. What I did in the beginning was go through the ad flyers each week
    with pen in hand and I put it in excel and made a tab at the bottom for each
    category (meats, dairy, condiments, canned goods etc). My columns are set
    up like this (hope these columns aren't all screwed up when I send!):

    or N)

    Deans 3.98/gal
    4/1 N
    gal 4/8 Y
    4/16 N

    2.09/gal 4/6 N
    Store Brand 1.89/gal
    4/12 N

    As your pricebook grows you can start to see paterns, such as Store #2 has
    the best over all prices both on Dean's brand and their store brand of milk.
    BUT when store #3 puts its half gallons on sale, they are the cheapest
    coming in at 2 half-gallons for $1.78. If you kept the price book going,
    you could determine if there is a pattern to the sale (most likely there IS)
    and you'll find that that 1/2 gallon of milk at store #3 goes on sale every
    4 weeks, so you can plan on it. The same pattern for can goods would tell
    you that 4th week is when you stock the pantry. Does that make sense?

    The first month is the hardest, both in terms of remembering to enter items
    in your price book and in learning what is a good price. Have I totally
    confused you? LOL! Hope not.




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